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Well I've never been in a proper bunch sprint in my life, so be sure to pay close attention what I think.

It seems to me that some of what he's saying has huge merit. Some of it tilts the playing field to riders with his characteristics, perhaps too far. Almost like the frustrated runner and swimmer who was pretty good on the bike proposing a triathlon.

Straight last 300m (for races expected to end in a bunch sprint - exceptions for mountain and mixed stages) and barrier reform sound good. A painted middle guide line (or several? !!) is good; useful for riders and referees to reference, reasonable for organizers of top races to implement.

Where I lose the thread is in having to choose your lane and stay there for 300m. I'm just too accustomed to not seeing the winner peek out until 100 or 50 or 20m to go. I'm not fully tracking all the trackology but it sounds like all his rules and lines and only passing to one side creates a 300m drag race at the end of a fight to get to the 300m-to-go mark. I'm open to hearing how I don't really understand that, but with my current understanding, I think that goes too far.

It seems fine to relegate (or worse?) someone sprinting for themself who drifts aimlessly (or purposefully!) across a bunch of those lines. But there's got to be a way for a lead-out rider to escape from the head of the race without getting him or herself DQ'd and making it too easy for the other teams to box in the person being lead out.
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