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Originally Posted by jish1969 View Post
My 1970 P15 has slotted cable housings, on the right side if that helps...
Ok, that makes these fittings par for the course.

For some reason, I seem to think of my '61 Paramount as not having slots, but it might be that I haven't looked at it in so long that my memory of it fails me.

Originally Posted by dddd View Post
Yes, and certainly most all that came before, including my 1966 Paramount Deluxe.

These typically all had Weinman centerpull brakesets, but the Campag sidepulls require left-side routing (or clips and drop-bolts if the bike is being retrofitted, see below).
The second-generation P13 that the OP has would have been spec'ed with Campagnolo sidepulls from factory and top tube cable clamps. No drop bolts or cable stops. The right-side routing is an oddity for the revised P13.


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