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Originally Posted by pastorbobnlnh View Post
My memory is very foggy about who actually built many of the 1970's chrome Paramount frames, but, IIRC, most were contracted out and not made in the Chicago Paramount Cage. The frame builder's last name began with a "M" and he was based in Wisconsin. Maitland? or something similar? If so, didn't he usually stamp the bottom of the BB shell with some identifying marks? Jeff have you checked to see if anything is stamped in that location?

I hope my memory is not faltering too much. I never paid much attention since my '71 P13 was brazed in the Chicago Cage. (It celebrates its 50th in March. How cool is that!?!)

As always, a chrome Paramount is always very special, and when it has an unusual feature, it is even more so!
Good Morning,

Thanks for the great information and insights. I could have looked at this frame for months and never noticed and appreciated the difference that these cable stops are on the left and not the right.

I am trying to get this bike finished before the end of the year and will post some follow up pictures.

And Bob, really good to hear from you, hope all is going well! This frame doesn’t have any stamping on the BB shell. You are remembering correctly about stamping. I had another bike that was stamped and built by Don Maitland in Racine. That was stamped P2.


p.s. I posted a nice original paint Paramount frame and fork for sale on our for sale forum if any of you want a winter project..

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