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2 questions WRT 4 rivers trail (Korea)

If things were to go according to plan (they do sometimes, don't they? :/) we'll ride the Four Rivers trail from Incheon to Busan, at the end of next spring.

1. We prefer to ride out of the airport. bRouter suggests a ferry between Yeongjongdo (island where the airport is located) and Wolmido (next to the trailhead). Apparently running every half hour or so and costing less than $2. I have yet to find a journal mentioning this alternative. Anyone here can confirm that it is viable?

2. Opinions diverge. Some accounts suggest that the trail is overcrowded and boring and should be avoided. Others suggest that it is a safe and convenient way to discover Korea. We have roughly two weeks at our disposal. Plan would be to fly to Incheon, spend two days in Seoul to partly overcome jet lag (14hrs), and ride to Busan with a few days to spare (we usually cover close to 100kms/day).

Thanks in advance for your input.

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