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Avoid being in the middle of the pack in a finish line sprint, that's where the newbies get really stupid and spend time with a club to learn how to paceline. Some dumb stuff can happen on the corners in a crit but your bike should be fine. Every road race I've ever done it was at the finish line that the major problems occurred, last one I did I started to sprint with the pack since I was miraculously with them and at the last second decided I didn't want a top finish that bad, within seconds I was riding around 8 guys on the ground heading for the finish. The officials had seen this coming too and already had the ambulance rolling from the moment they started going down. But in over 40 other races at this point with the exception of some crits, crashes out on the course have been rare and usually only involving 1 to 2 people. On the few cases when I was fast enough I broke for the finish early with only a couple other guys to minimize accidents or sat back and settled. A few of these sitting back and settling resulted in a higher then expected results from the crashes. With crits, the inside of the corner can be the fastest line but harder to maintain when surrounded by other people so first through the corners and/or more to the outside will be safer though not always faster. Personally I only have one bike per sport but I'm not going to worry about it, just enjoy the race and use your head; you're not racing for the glory of the TDF and finishing first is great but finishing is better then an ambulance.
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