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Originally Posted by Road Fan View Post
@MoistureAs far as touching the ground with your toes, there is another theory for that. The saddle height must be set only based on quality of pedaling, and my experience here is limited to road, urban, and distance riding. For me this includes 60 mile days on pavement and as yet a few rides on our local unpaved. At least in this realm you need to pedal with good leg extension. Failure to do this can result in knee injury (yes, really). There are a lot of methods to set this up - heel on pedal, measurements based on pubic bone height, fitter measurements based on knee angle, and fitter measurements based on video and analysis of the recorded leg motion. A rider needs to learn to mount and dismount the bike when stopping, not to depend on their feet reaching the ground. You can have both with a bike with high setback, such as an Electra, but usually not much ground contact can be achieved on a 700c or 650b road bike with a flat top tube.
I'm a huge "heel dropper" so my saddle is lower than baseline fit. In addition to a large setback (to remove pressure on my hands in a slammed down aero position), my feet can easily reach the ground while sitting on the saddle. Although in practice, I always get off from the saddle and into the top tube when stopping as it's still easier to be on the top tube while stopped than on the saddle.

And because my saddle is low, I also needed a lower stack (to take advantage of the fact, I can get more aero with lower saddle if I can get the dropbar lower too) which suggests a frame few sizes smaller. It's how I ended up. A two sizes smaller frame, with longer angled-down stem with the drops almost as low as the top of the front tire making it look like a racing setup. Considerable deviation from baseline fit....But perfectly comfortable for me! Fits me so well, including the saddle choice I don't even need to wear gloves nor padded shorts.

Many reasons come into play where one can deviate a large degree from the baseline / standard fit.

Even a change in riding technique may have a large effect on fit. There's not really just one rule per aspect of fit but many and the rest is up to extensive testing (trial and error)
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