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Originally Posted by mack_turtle View Post
There are a few things I agree with in this first post, but most of it is so over-generalized that it's not going to be helpful for most people. Sorry.
Thats totally understandable.

Originally Posted by philbob57 View Post
What are the bases for your conclusions? How many miles have you ridden? How many different bikes have you ridden and for how long on each? What different styles have you tried out? How many and what different sizes have you ridden of each style?

Moisture, I find your dogmatism and lack of evidence annoying. I mean that as feedback, not as criticism. I really wish you'd change your posting style.
I do appreciate the feedback. Ive sort of eased down with the posting in general.

Originally Posted by cubewheels View Post
I'm a huge "heel dropper" so my saddle is lower than baseline fit. In addition to a large setback (to remove pressure on my hands in a slammed down aero position), my feet can easily reach the ground while sitting on the saddle. Although in practice, I always get off from the saddle and into the top tube when stopping as it's still easier to be on the top tube while stopped than on the saddle.

And because my saddle is low, I also needed a lower stack (to take advantage of the fact, I can get more aero with lower saddle if I can get the dropbar lower too) which suggests a frame few sizes smaller. It's how I ended up. A two sizes smaller frame, with longer angled-down stem with the drops almost as low as the top of the front tire making it look like a racing setup. Considerable deviation from baseline fit....But perfectly comfortable for me! Fits me so well, including the saddle choice I don't even need to wear gloves nor padded shorts.

Many reasons come into play where one can deviate a large degree from the baseline / standard fit.

Even a change in riding technique may have a large effect on fit. There's not really just one rule per aspect of fit but many and the rest is up to extensive testing (trial and error)
Further proof of your completely nonsensical fit right here. You should be able to *almost* fully extend your knee at the very bottom of each pedal stroke, but not quite, so that you don't need to roll your hips to compensate for the stroke. You can go slightly lower than this, but once you can start to touch the ground with even just your toes, that will begin to limit your power output and tends to put quite a lot of impingement stress on your knees.

I understand that you think you have your frame fit setup correctly, but all it takes is one quite glance at the picture of your bike, and scanning over your ideas to easily determine that whatever you're riding is NOT the right size for you, even though you genuinely do think it works well for you. If you dont even have the saddle set to baseline, this is just further proof of that.
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