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I think I covered a lot of my opinions on this subject here.

But I tend to agree. In a world of ever-decreasing meaning, people want to identify themselves within groups they already identify with. So, I'm not just a cyclist, I ride a fixed gear->My fixed gear is a track bike->My track bike is a pursuit bike->My pursuit bike is a death trap, and so on.

I don't think the "scene" will implode on itself, though. I also don't think the "serious" ones will be the champions. If we can look at a close parallel (and post-modern darling child), the punk scene, we'll see a history of revivals, kitsch and nostalgia.

The late 90's skate punks latch on to late 80's skate punk culture which spawned from the late 70's skate punk culture which spawned from the late 60's surf culture, and so on and so forth.

Now you have people who listened to Bad Religion in the 90's talking about how they were punk way back when. Do you remember the old guys that made fun of them, who listened to Black Flag in the 80's? Or the even older guys that listened to T.Rex in the 70's?

The fg movement will just evolve and the Pista hipsters will make fun of whoever is trendy 5-10 years from now, and the NJS idiots will contend that they were doing it back when it meant something; back when it was "real" when in reality they were just following the trends set by some idiot before them. In the end, Ceya will be 90, and be like, "yeah, I was riding fixed before you guys were born" and someone will remind him of the people who thought what HE was doing was lame, or stupid, and how he did it anyway. Just like the Pista owners who do it anyway. Just like the NJS coveters who do it anyway. Just like the fat kid listening to Bad Religion who did it anyway.

It's all just layers of abstraction that make people believe their bull**** posturing is somehow more valid than the next person's. It's not, and the never-ending spectacle makes hypocrites and heroes out of us all.
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