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The Wonder of USB Bike Lights

Love these things! Not only on the bike but off as well. If I see a strange car park in front of the house at night, I shine the light out from the upstairs on the car. Seems to let them know somebody's watching. Had a couple of cars take off. Not sure what they were doing there in the first place. Big thing for me is they come in handy cutting the toe nails. Strategically placed along the side of the foot somewhere, low bean, actually makes for a great light source to view parts of the toe nail once cannot see well without light. Great for making sure those edges are filed smooth.

Checking the oil in the car, the radiator coolant level, or finding that little bolt you dropped in the engine, great for all this stuff!

Taking out the trash barrels the night before trash day, great for lighting up the handles to make sure there are no spiders ready to strike the hand. Love these things. The big oversized Mag-Lites I used to use for many many things are sitting in a drawer with dead batteries collecting dust.

I have rechargeable Cygo Lites and love them. Not only for the bike, but have replaced the hassle of other light sources, flashlights etc.

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