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Originally Posted by rsbob View Post
TMI on toe nails, but glad you like your light. Have a Harbor Freight LED spot light I can shine from upstairs which looks like the sun.

My issue with anything that that requires a USB port is the remembering and constant charging and cords. Not terribly convenient. My high intensity flashing tail light uses two AAA batteries and lasts 4 years before replacement.

I have headed out with one USB rechargeable cycle computers only to see a red flashing LED saying, “You idiot, you forgot to charge me after your last ride”. Some day all battery powered devices currently using USB charging will be charged over the air. The technology already exists, but until then, it batteries.

Hmm. I have a red Specialized rear blinkie that takes AAA batteries and it is nowhwere near my Cygolite hotshot rear blinkies. But I'm sure different models vary. I have never tested the battery life of the AAA's though as they are rechargeable so I charge them along with my USB lights. The red blinkies last a long time but the front lights I do charge before every ride. Rides last 2 hours and never had a problem. IMO, pretty convenient charging the USB lights. Plug them in eating lunch and forget about them. But everyone has their own idea of convenience so no argument here. Just opinions. I will have to test the life of the AAA's after your claims.
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