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Stick a fork in it?


Looking for your ideas; what would you do?

This is the Trek 970 with a bad suspension fork. The components are Shimano Deore DX.

Here's the Rockshox RS1; notice it's bent just below the bottom cup.

Here's my old Trek 950 collecting dust; the fork is solid and is a perfect fit for use on the 970. Both frames are 22-inch.

I just added this 1990 Trek 970 Singletrack (Red) to my stable; having picked it up off of OfferUp for a few $; it has a bad suspension fork (Rockshox RS1) which is not only bent, but it leaks fluid due to bad seals. The frame size is 22-inch. I've searched locally for another mountain bike to buy for parts, namely a suspension fork, but finding a decent 1-inch threaded suspension fork has been somewhat elusive.

I've had a 1990 Trek 950 Singletrack (Blue) 22-inch frame hanging in the garage for years collecting dust. The 950 frame and fork are in excellent condition; all the components have been removed.

The Plan: Remove the 1-inch threaded Rockshox RS1 from the Trek 970 and replace it with the solid 1-inch threaded fork from the Trek 950.

Is this a good idea? Any suggestions?
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