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I agree with you 100%

Weight isn't a factor if you re just cruising the hood. As long as you get there in comfort is what counts. I own a 3 speed Trailmate Joyrider recumbent trike and love it.

Originally Posted by Cargo Guy View Post
I have owned many recumbent trikes in the last 20 years, including a 4 wheeled recumbent. I will say that the Slingshot by SouthCoastCruisers is the lowest maintenance recumbent trike you can buy. Basically, in 2 minutes one can easily reset/adjust the Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal hub and that is why I bought a Trailmate Lowrider. For me, I was enjoying cruising around my neighborhood and just needing the trike to be ready to ride when I wanted to jump on it and go. The Slingshot is really a copy of the Trailmate Lowrider, except it has improved on the design with the plush seat and less bulk/weight in the frame. Also the Slingshot will ride straighter and truer than the Trailmate because of improvements made to the front end of the frame. In my experience, the weight was not a problem, or the fact there is only 1-wheel driving the trike, even on steep hills (I live in Passaic New Jersey and it has a lot of steep hills). The height of the seat is a joy and this type of bike really puts the feet in touch with the drive-train because it is mild steel and more rigid. When you move the pedals, there is no give or bending of the frame or the components, unlike most trikes where there are chain tubes (yuk! I have had many trikes with idlers and chain tubes that caused friction on the train and sucked torque out of my pedaling. It was like I was waiting that split second for the bike to get moving, and I could feel the obstacles in the drive train through my legs and feet). I just enjoy the ride better when I touch the pedal and the bike just goes. Also I prefer the 2 wheels in the rear, not in the front, because it feels like my weight is nicely supported by two wheels supporting my weight. And yes, it looks really cool and that does matter. Make sure you check out people's reviews, print out the reviews and give them to the assembler so he can address the many issues properly. All in all, once assembled, this bike will hold up better than many trikes and cost a lot less. And it's a powerful feeling, for me anyway, to be moving a weighty, substantial vehicle, even though it's a bike. Most recumbent enthusiasts will disagree, but most have never owned this type of recumbent, and most of them also have different needs than perhaps you or I. In the end, this is the lowest maintenance recumbent you can buy and it is a lot of fun. I say go for it. By the way, I have owned: Catrike Pocket, Terra-Trike Quad with differential which I used to pick up my kids from school $3,000), organic engines SUV $2,000, 3 different KMX carts for me and my kids, a Triton, and a Trailmate Lowrider.
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