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Originally Posted by Scubaquarius View Post
Hello Retro Grouch,

Saw you are a 559 fan. My wife has a Villager. I have tried riding it but don't like the feel of my knees coming up close to my stomach.
I see the 559 has a more reclined seat though it doesn't adjust which I thought may be more comfortable for the above mentioned

Do you miss the fact of not having an adjustable seat on your 559? Also, is it harder to pedal with the low pressure tires?

I only ask because I'm considering buying a 559, couple of used ones for sale here.

Thanks, Scubaquarius
My 559 has a good amount of seat back angle adjustment. Also, I subjectively don't feel any difference in pedaling difficulty with out Big Apple tires than I did when we had the stock Marathon Race tires.

I'm puzzled about your comment about knees in your stomach. That sounds like a boom length adjustment issue to me. If your wife is shorter than you and if her trike has been adjusted to fit her, that's it. If you were to lengthen her boom you will almost surely also need to lengthen her chain.
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