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Originally Posted by Jicafold View Post
Thank you. I tried searching the posts but they were apparently buried in other Schwinn threads or something. It was a steal. After selling off some of the Dura Ace, I made a profit and still have this frame and a set of nice Kysirium SSC wheels left over. Will likely sell the frame too as it is a large and a tad too big for me. But it sure does look nice. I'll put the wheels on another bike which was really the only parts I wanted.
You sold the Dura-Ace? BOOOOOOOOO!!!! That was good stuff, that would have been what I wanted off the build personally. Mavic wheel systems are fine but too proprietary and many have been prone to issues. I did like the single colored spokes though, that always has a special place but having had to fix a bunch of old wheels from them it is a big ole' pain.

Sometimes searching with the Googles will help find stuff, that is how I think people find these ancient threads and bring them back from the dead.
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