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Originally Posted by Trocadile
Hi - I'm new to the forum and to folders. I've been riding a 2005 Downtube VIII FS for a couple weeks and enjoying it quite a bit while I work on tweaking it. I'm curious about how different tires might affect its performance. The 1.75 Kendas it comes with seem like decent all-purpose tires and have handled the gravel, mud and ice I sometimes go through pretty well, but I'm hoping I can have my cake and eat it too by finding some tires that are still decent on rough tracks but quicker on the smooth stuff. Any suggestions? I'm interested especially in tires like the 1.5 Marathons and Primo Comet Kevlars, but would be glad to hear from anybody who's changed about why they did and how the new tires compared to the stock ones in terms of performance and comfort. Thanks for any feedback
Welcome Trocadile! I left the stock all purpose Kenda 1.75 on the front as I also travel bad roads and added a Slime Liner .. I recycled the Kenda Kwest 100psi 1.50 from my Xootr/Swift ( I went to Rolfs and Stelvios on that bike) and the slick went to the rear and I now have a spare for front and rear for the Downtube addition, I changed out the FS's rear wheel for an Alex16 with Shimano Redband 8spd hub to lose the derailleur, gain the benefits of a straight chainline and to have a greater gear range .... this combination works great for me on and off asphalt and seems to be a fine compromise for the multi-terrain uses I put this bike through..

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