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Originally Posted by bruce19 View Post
I think you are mis-reading my statement. I was responding to your statement..."We got too many complaints of that sub forum being filled with nothing but aches and pains. People who come for cycling content could not find any." If that was true, that would mean there is zero cycling content on that sub-forum. That is clearly inaccurate. If it was true, why would you have the forum? But, just to be clear, I think cycling for 50 and over and health issues go hand in hand. I've been a member for over 14 yrs and this has never been an issue before. I will suggest again that the issue be put out for a discussion in the sub-forum. Let's see what the membership has to say. After all this is a member drivven site.
Is it really too much for you to click up above (it's still in 50+)?

I hope you do realize that medical issues are not just 50+ Tri athletes get them, roadies, and mountain bikers. But 50+ had a majority of the threads being taken over by medical issues. Others have gone to medical forums. Pills and Ills is a gift. I can get rid of it entirely but since people are going to be upset, I'd like to give you credit for it.
Originally Posted by making View Post
Please dont outsmart the censor. That is a very expensive censor and every time one of you guys outsmart it it makes someone at the home office feel bad. We dont wanna do that. So dont cleverly disguise bad words.
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