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Source for campagnolo-style seatpost binder bolts?

Was riding my bike on the trainer last night and the seatpost suddenly slipped at the end of the workout. I reset the post to the correct height and tightened down the bolt. Was tired and not thinking clearly and overtightened the bolt to the point that the threaded half sheared off in the female half (didn't think I could generate that much force with little 5 mm fold out allen wrenches, but now I know.

Went on eBay to look for replacements and got a bit of sticker shock when I searched for actual campagnolo branded ones to replace what I had on there. I swear it was like 1/3 of current prices when I bought the bolt I had on there 5-6 years ago. That got me to looking at cheaper no-name bolts (my bike is no longer original so I'm becoming more comfortable spending $5 on a no brand part instead of what's now $50 for a part where the only difference is the "patent Campagnolo" engraving).

Unfortunately, my bike doesn't have a slot in the lugs for a keyed binder bolt, and all I'm seeing are binder bolts that are keyed.

Does anyone have a source I should be looking for non-keyed seatpost binder bolts? Or should I just get a keyed one and get out my dremel? Is there a way to get a keyed bolt to fit in my frames holes without modification?
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