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Today's commute was painful... 6 hours later, and my face is still burning from the wind. Suffice it to say that eastern China is F***ING COLD right now.

Out was 23 (-5C) with gusts around 50mph (strong enough to blow me (a Clyde) into staggering at intersections). Time involved <10 minutes (work is downhill). Wind chill was about 9F. Light snow flakes.

Back was 14F (-10C) plus headwind gusts at 30mph. Wind chill of -7F. Time involved >30 minutes (uphill, in a headwind/crosswind (nearly blew me into an oncoming car at one point), with stops for groceries and walking due to construction). Heavy, but dry, snow.

[EDIT] Here's the view from my window the next morning...

Baby, It's COLD Outside...

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