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Originally Posted by mack_turtle View Post
those are all subjective aspects of a bike. those might be good to have on a bike ... if that's how you want the bike to fit and handle. some people will want a slack head tube angle and less fork rake, depending on the type of terrain they are riding. bike attributes like angles, dimensions, wheel sizes, etc depend on how and where the rider wants to use it. if you shared preferences like that in the context of "for a rider with ___ physical abilities riding on ___ terrain, these are good attributes," this list might make some sense. unless you are able to provide those specifics, your suggestions are too subjective to be useful.

for whom, riding where, are your suggestions useful? or are you saying this is what YOU look for in a bike? if so, why call this "comprehensive frame fitting guide" if it is a specific fitting guide for you, which makes it the opposite of comprehensive? are you basing this on science and fitting hundreds of paying customers on bikes, or just a cursory reading of general tidbits you picked up while riding this forum?
you bring up some good points Mack.

First of all, I believe that my ideas in the original post here can cater to a fair percentage of people reading this. But this is not up to me to decide . For this "guide" to be comprehensive, only Way would be to get other people to chime in and detail what works for them, and what they had to do to achieve an ideal fit. FWIW, I just changed out the stem on my bike from my old 60mm riser quill stem to one that is 40mm with a 30 degree riser. It made enough of a difference by moving the handlebars closer toward me to get an absolutely perfect reach for my needs.

as for my ideas with head tube angles and what not, this is based off a 200+lb rider who tends to ride mostly pavement and some gravel sprints. My bike is classified as a sport touring model, meaning its designed to get you around quickly when carrying a light load. The angles make a lot more sense when carrying 35lb of groceries. However, I tend to spend most of my time riding at relatively lower speeds where the extra stability from the long fork rake and slack head tube perhaps makes the handling just a touch less responsive than what I would prefer.. however, considering that this bike is clearly designed around a somewhat different purpose from how I usually use it, its understandable.

The short stem noticeably quickened up the handling in the front end, so now i have a pretty good balance between speed and stability.

Furthermore, in the future i think I would prefer sticking to 26" rims with slightly wider tires, since they seem to provide better handling as well as acceleration response at speeds i am usually riding at without any real penalty when I do reach higher speeds going down a hill.

For personal reference, I would like a specific balance between slightly increased head tube angle, as well as slightly less fork rake and maybe slightly shorter chainstays while maintaining the same seat tube angle for my own needs in the future. My theory that the slightly shorter wheelbase along with smaller diameter rims will help incrrase steering response at speeds which I most frequently ride without impacting stability while riding loaded.
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