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Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart View Post
Jeunet was a contract job, made by a manufacturer for a client (much like Giant does for other brands). They had a number of grades over the years. I have read of a couple with 531 tubing and high end French components with sew ups. The one I had was a cheap version of a Peugeot UP-8. I have to admit that back in the day I wanted their high end version for a little while (until the Fuji Finest came into my life).

These days replacement forks for a 27" wheel are not unknown but fewer then other current wheel sized forks of today. Most will be made of HiTen steel (think above UO-8 grade) with two choices of steerer lengths and a lot of threading to allow cutting to size. 27.0 fork crown seats and either black or chrome. Stamped drop outs that might have top be filed a bit for a QR diameter axle. Retail from $30 to $50 is typical.

But in today's pandemic starved supply chain these might be out of stock for a while. Here south of the boarder the supplier JBI lists a few available. In Canada I can't say.

Eric is pretty correct in his estimate of a custom fork cost from a reliable builder. BTW do you know the potential fork's dimensional specs? (and that's all together another thread...) Andy
Thanks, everyone. I was just looking for a ballpark estimate to see if it might be worth saving. It is 531 double butted, but very worn out. The steering tube is stripped, so I suspect the headset was mismatched at the store, leaving me to determine what it is. The front hub is French, but not the BB.
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