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Schwalbe Supreme 26x2 followup#3 roughly9000kms

Finally got around to putting up this third followup of using the 26x2 Schwalbe Supremes. Have ridden about another 3000kms on the same set of tires since the last followup, and while they have started to look a bit tired, I've kept riding on them, other than replacing the rear with my spare that has gone unused all these years.
Covid meant not any big trips done, but did ride the bike a fair amount and I kind of figure the total of kms on the two tires shown here is somewhere around 8 or 9000kms / 5-5500miles.

I've still been impressed by how they have held up, but it is interesting over the last while how they both have developed a weird "wrinkly thing" going on. So while the tread is worn, but not terribly terribly so, it's like the rubber has started to break down and get all these little stress points in it. I have ridden a fair amount loaded up on a lot of gravel and even sharpish gravel at times, and while I've been careful, I wonder if this is a factor.

I guess the main thing to take from the photos is that for my riding style and weight, they have held up fairly well and I figure that on a super long trip, one could maybe estimate about this life out of them--although they are starting to look a bit sketchy now.
I still really like the 2 inch width, they can seem like overkill at 2inches/50mm--really 45mm on my rims, but again and again even in summer 2020 I was grateful for the width and cushion when coming upon loose surfaces or just really crappy paved areas, rough or potholes.
I've just put on a new pair of 1.6 in. versions, (again, measuring less on my rims, 1.6in should be 40mm but they measure about 37mm ) and I'm curious to see how I find riding my Troll on narrower tires after all the mileage on the wider ones.

I was impressed to see that there are still minimal tiny cuts, no real bad looking ones, so in that sense they've held up well.
When you look at the tread depth using the slight tread pattern as a reference, they certainly are not totally worn down. I'll try to find the shot from my first folowup of them showing the unused spare beside the used pair with about 4000km on them

first followup link, around 4000kms on them
Schwalbe Supremes 26x2in wear photos and impressions

second follow up link, about 6000kms
Schwalbe Supreme26x2 followup #2 roughly6000kms

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