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Originally Posted by zandoval View Post
Well the question is are you talking to a Bike Shop or a Bike Dealer. Big difference... All in all its getting out there and riding. I usually tell people to get something they can afford and get out there and ride. Latter on you can pick and chose your replacement or upgrade.

I have agonised over the dangers of riding a delicate bike at over 300#/136Kg. I have a 1980s Columbus Tubing PR-10 that I won't ride when I'm over 250#/114Kg. I'm on the heavy side right now so I'm sticking with my old 1980s CroMo UNIVEGA.

I would suggest a CroMo Frame with Gravel Bike components for your start. Also don't get sucked in on fancy seats. Your going to need a WIDE SEAT. No extras padding! No springs! Just a wide simple seat. (Female seats are usually wider)

Supposedly there is a seat out there that is comfortable and will allow you to ride all day without any pain. But I think the elves snapped them all up to ride thier unicorns... Ha. Still the search is on...
Any bikes you can suggest? I spoke with multiple bike shops and these bikes are in stock or can be delivered in 2 weeks. No Dealer has them in store for display and all are to be bought without any trial check. The dealers say that these bikes can handle my weight but cannot guarantee for sure.

Touring/Urban Bikes:
1. Kona Sutra 2021 - Available in 2 weeks
2.Kona Rove DL 2021 - This one is good but the tires are 650b. I am not sure if these tires can handle my weight. 1 month wait time. I really really like this bike and design but scared that 650b cannot handle my weight.
3. Surly Troll (Backordered) - This is suggested by one user above and it is expensive than all the bikes listed here. Is this an overkill for just urban use? I think this would be the option I'd have to choose as this bike is built like a tank.
4.Surly Disc Trucker - Possible delivery after March
5. Giant Escape 2 Disc/ Escape 3 Disc : These are backordered and cheap. I'd have to change the wheels but this is Aluminum frame.

Kona Kahuna: One of the dealers has this in order and I really like the 29 tires. Even though its Aluminum frame, I feel like this bike can handle my weight, but I am not sure if this would be easy to ride completely on road.
Kona Lanai : Cheap MTB with 29 tires. Aluminum Frame. Not sure about the quality.
Specialized Rockhopper 29( Normal/Elite/Sport) : This is available to pick up immediately and the store is 100m from my place. If this Aluminum bike can handle my weight, I can go ahead and purchase this as the store is near to me.

Any suggestions are welcome. I'd have to make a blind choice and inputs are highly appreciated.

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