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I buy these alum mounts on ebay. Sometimes 2 for $7, other times, $7 each depending on which stores have them. Also picked up blue, 2 for $7 on "rainbowimaging" on ebay. Fat shipping.

Then a mount adapter for Go pro type mounts (app$10).

Allows me to mount on the HB's and a go pro helmet strap. Alum screws too.

Very secure and stable. The Cygo mounts have a bit of float that I don't care for. I have the hard plastic clamp mounts.

But I love these little suckers. Take up less room as well.

Cool inexpensive stuff. I paid $60 for a k edge mount 8 years ago. Got these and in blue much cheaper.

go pro mount adapter. Makes it possible to use the go pro type mounts for mounting Cygolites. Trailthis also fast shipping

My lights mounted. And another on my helmet with a go pro strap, a buckle and another adapter. I love it!

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