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The magnesium frame is a novelty, but not unique. A number of makers have used it over the years, and it never really caught on. But it means that there are others out there on the market. There was a company called Litech that made some (and I think also went out of business?), and Pinarello has offered a magnesium Dogma. That's both good and bad. The right person might be willing to pay a lot for it, but especially with the brand being not very well known, most people are going to avoid it. I can't tell what the components on it are, but assume they are fairly high end? My ballpark (and fairly uneducated) guess would be that something around $2000-2500 is a good price, but you may have to be very patient waiting for the right person to come along. You might consider stripping the parts off and selling them separately from the frame, then leave the frame up on eBay and other sale sites with a high starting bid and see if you get any bites.

On a side note, this is almost certainly a newer bike than what would be considered "vintage", so you might get more info on a different forum.
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