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Originally Posted by robow View Post
Nice write up and thanks for sharing. I purchased a pair of the new Schwalbe Evolution Supremes in 700x32 this fall and had only a limited chance to ride with them, no touring. I do plan on touring with them in February and again in April as they seem pretty tough. They did measure a little thinner than 32mm on my Mavic Open Pro rims but we'll see what they measure at on my wider touring wheelset Mavic 719 rims. I wouldn't mind them being a little wider and maybe should have purchased the next size up 35mm.
hi robow, re width, ya I was pretty disappointed with the 1.6" ones measuring only at 36mm vs the stated 42. I know this will be fine on pavement, and they are really light, but I've gotten used to being able to ride over all kinds of stuff even loaded and still have confidence in the front end , even jumping off the road to avoid trucks or something and the 2" ers just eat it up safely.
like I said, I'll start another thread on rim width vs tire width etc etc.
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