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I was thinking the same thing over the summer. We just picked up our second tandem, had 10 other bikes, and the garage was getting full. As we were no-longer using the initial 25 year old tandem we wanted to sell. I spent some time acquiring some inexpensive/updated drivetrain parts to bring speeds up to something a little more modern (3x9 instead of 3x8), trigger shifting, fresh tubes and tires with decent tread, etc. I also overhauled all bearings and replaced cable and housing. Gave the frame a complete clean/wax. And, decided to switch the bike to knobby tires and flat bars. (instead of the skinny tires/drop bars I was running). Overall I spent about $100 in parts and 10-15 hours of my time. My logic was that the people interested in a 25 year old tandem were likely newer to tandem riding and wanting something robust and simple to start with that they wouldn't have to dump money into when they wanted to ride. I posted on Facebook marketplace (locally) and on the Tandem bikes and parts for sale facebook page. My 1996 $1500 tandem was listed for $500. I had some local interest but also had about 10 people from across the US interested in purchasing. I was reluctant to ship but decided to pack the bike myself and ship at the buyer's cost. I think it is reasonable to have a tandem packed and shipped across the US for $200-$250 by BikeFlights/UPS.

I have above average mechanical skill and spent the time to create a product I thought would be of interest to people. I made sure to include an option of saddles/stems/pedals for the buyer. (we all have plenty of extras, right??? Why do we sell bikes with no saddles and pedals. Just slap some on!) And, I put a reasonable price on the tandem. Unless you have something unique/rare/collectable, don't expect to get 50% of your original purchase price. Make the price attractive to people who want to try the sport and you will have much more success IMHO.

Good Luck!

Bike torn down for clean and rebuild.

Finished 'updated' and modified to a flat bar and 3x9 trigger shifting.

Frame in an elongated single bike box and 4 wheels in the box on the right. (I sold an extra set of 26" wheels with the tandem at the same time)

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