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1: Congratulations!

2: The National Team should have a coach. Follow coach's advice. The last thing coach wants is for mom/dad saying, "I heard on the internet that my son should have..."

3: It's extremely difficult to fit anyone via text on the internet. The coach should fit him and give advice on what size frame to buy. That's his/her job.

4: IF you are forced to fit him yourself. Avoid the trap of making the track bike fit like the road bike. Road rides and races last 45minutes to hours. You need more comfort. Most track efforts/events are less than 15-30 minutes. Aerodynamics are more important than comfort. So, you can (and should) choose a more aerodynamic position. An easy way to do this is to find a pro track rider that has similar dimensions as your son, save pics/screenshots of that rider, then get on a shop fit bike and replicate that position. From there, take the settings from the fit bike and find an appropriate bike that has the same dimensions.

Take me for example. Before I raced track, my road bike top tube was 57cm (for comfort riding) and I bought track bikes with similar top tube lengths. As I learned more and more I realized that my optimal track top tube length was 61cm. I raced for years on 56-58cm frames before I found that it was too small for me.
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