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Originally Posted by robow View Post
My wife's Marathon Pluses also came in well below their stated width. May well be Schwalbe's desire to display lighter advertised weights for a specific tire width.
my wifes regular marathons 1.5" on her slightly wider rims are pretty much spot on the 40mm stated (maybe 39) so last night I took them off and put my 1.6" 42mm on those rims, but they were still only 37, vs 36 on my narrower rims.
Now I understand that after some rides and time, tires will widen up a mm or two, and my narrower rims today show 37 vs 36mm, but thats still 5mm less than the stated 42, which I was really hoping they would be, especially coming from my realworld 45mm 2" inch supremes (supposed to be 50mm)

oh, my 2" ones at 45mm have very much stayed at 45mm real world width after all these years, so I suspect it partly due to my narrower rims and also partly due to them undersizing them slightly maybe (conjecture on my part)

not a huge difference, but Ive really come to like wider tires.
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