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R+M would be my top choice. They use Bosch and Bosch supports their product well. With Bosch I can go into just about any shop and get support for it because most shops have an account with QBP which is the U.S. distributor for Bosch and helps handle the warranties and Bosch is super easy to work with over the phone and if you are a new shop and don't know much about working on bikes they go through all the basics and go as deep as need be to solve the problem.

6 years in (at least from my working at the shop) and I can still get all the parts needed for a Bosch system they have changed and upgraded things over time but they aren't leaving older products in the dust because they didn't change batteries and displays radically and most can be upgraded or downgraded pretty easily. The only stuff I can't get in the U.S. is Gen 1 parts and the only reason for that is Gen 1 never really made it to the U.S. so very low numbers so no real need to bring in a bunch of parts for really old stuff that was never officially in the U.S. I don't find that a problem because I don't see a lot of Gen 1 stuff and I have probably seen more of it at the shop then most because we are a large e-bike repair center and have been with Bosch a while. But even those systems have had few problems that Bosch hasn't at least tried to help on minus parts which we thankfully haven't needed.

Plus R+M's are certainly well overbuilt, in a good way. They are durable and can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. There are problems on occasion but generally they are supported by Bosch or R+M or the OEM for whatever is going on and while they don't always use the top end parts they pick good reliable parts that are less likely to have issues if taken care of normally.
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