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Craigslist is where I've purchased most of our tandems, and then also sold some there as well. I did sell our bikefriday on e-bay after having it on craigslist for a couple of months. The down side of ebay is they take like 10% of the sale. I've looked on Facebook Marketplace, offer-up and next door recently but don't like the search functions. A place that people list bikes when trying to get a premium price is

I think that about covers most of the way to sell used tandems. Worthwhile to list on all of them.

Like anything I'd say price based on how quick do you want to sell. People know a good price and are willing to buy for a good price. A fair price you'll probably be sitting on it for awhile. A high price and you may never sell.

For reference the tandems I've bought and sold.
I think it was a Pacific I bought on amazon for like $400 and sold for $100 (didn't know anything about bikes and the guy I sold it to let me know I had the fork installed backwards...)
Another mail order Viaggio Tandem that I think I paid like $500 for and sold for $350.
Burley with a soft ride bought for $350 on craigslist and sold for $400 on craigslist.
Cannondale RT1000 bought for $1200 on craigslist with a rack and sold for $1000 on craigslist (just the bike).
BikeFriday Two's Day bought for $1800 on craigslist and sold for $1500 on ebay (after shipping and ebay fee)
Bilinkey bought for $3200 through their facebook page
Calfee bought for $3500 through craigslist
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