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Originally Posted by gsa103 View Post
Factory designed bikes (especially mid-drives) will be more reliable overall. A mid-drive motor can't be properly integrated into a standard BB shell. With a factory bike, the manufacturer can do a MUCH better job ensuring proper mounting (torque brackets, etc), wire routing and connectors (waterproof & rugged), and ensuring that the whole package is designed to be robust. The individual components are not more reliable but as SYSTEM the package will be more reliable.
Whew, boy, I absolutely disagree with what you just said. The Bafangs have been around for awhile, the mounts are solid with well documented performance. The Bafangs have the added advantage is they can be removed returning everything to a normal bike, something that isn't possible with an integral frame mount motor. Your Bosch dies and you either replace it or scrap the bike.

Factory bikes often do have better thought out wire routing. But as far as waterproof and rugged, both systems use the same commercial connectors so no advantage there. Think modern automotive quality weatherproof connections. A touch of silicone on all connectors is a good practice no matter who installs the unit.
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