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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
Doug, that looks nice. It looks like an oval blade, how did you lay out the hole for it?
The blades are round. Got them from True Temper before they stopped making them. Round blades makes it easy to put the small end in the middle of the dropouts because they can be turned in the crown until the ends match up with the center of the dropouts when they are all held in a fixture. I drew on paper the design I wanted and handed it off to the CAD guy at the laser cutting company.

I've included a picture of the tool I use to keep the 2 flat plates in position while I spot braze them together. I discovered how easy it was for them to get out of kilter unless they were rigidly held.

I also had flat plates made for conventional oval blades. Kirk Pacenti designed the for me and I have them laser cut in Ukraine. In this case they machined the socket in the top plate. If there was any interest, I can have more made. Like the cross on the fork of the Messenger bikes, some kind of design could be laser cut and brazed to the top plate to add a bit of marketing or pizzazz to a fork.

If someone wanted to use a French steerer, the same 2 plates could be used and the center spacer thing could be machined on a lathe to the correct diameters. It wouldn't be as easy to do because the spacer on these crowns can be easily made out of 0.058" wall tubing (which is commonly available).

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