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Originally Posted by gauvins View Post
Great review. Thanks

Funny (or is it) that 26" were recommended because they are available everywhere around the world...
Thanks, merci.
I figure that with the two other reviews I put up, I hope it gives at least my experience with the tires and some expectancy of how they will last etc.

and yes, the whole 26" everywhere around the world thing has certainly changed--to an extent--I think its still fair to say that it probably is more common to find any sort of 26" tire in little places in many developing countries, just because so many of the bikes are still being used. It's clear that any modern, more "fancy" bike store anywhere in the world will always be following trends and selling 27.5 tires or whatever simply because the newer bikes sold use them. Even in the bike stores we went into in Central American cities had mountain bikes being sold just as here in Canada, and no longer selling any 26" new bikes.

I still feel its important on a long far off trip, to take a spare of the tire you want to use, but really, todays tire technology is so good. I'm still amazed that these specific tires have held up so well over such a long time, and especially riding loaded so much and on so many surface types, and especially some of the really really rough and sharp that I've ridden over....

PS--it wouldnt surprise me to see 26 come back slightly again at some point. The industry seems to do this sort of thing.

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