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Originally Posted by jajacek View Post


Our guess is that this 55cm frame is too small for him. At least its stack is too low. We will be given Fuji Track Elite to try. What size would you recommend? He is 181 cm tall with 90 cm inseam, so extremely long legs and shorter torso. Unfortunately as a new user I'm unable to post photo of his current position. But you see it in his FB profile from signature link.

Are there any other frames worth checking? We can buy Dolans at reasonable price and some older Cervelo probably. We can buy Fuji for around 1500 Euro.

Hi Jacek, 55cm does not mean much. For a long-legged rider it must take into account the measure named "stack (height)." 55cm at 75 degree and 57cm at 73 deg may produce the same stack, indeed.

For example, I am 184 but armspan is 194. So I consider other dimensions such as reach and front-centre and I am not so willing to buy Look AL 464 because of its 417mm reach. My current steel frame produces 411 but at 583 stack.

You may also consider a complete bike in the budget as BMC Trackmachine AL, that may be just renamed Trackmachine 01 (the later was UCI approved for legal competitions until January 2020). Either for training or for competition, this might serve for both. The stack was some 560mm. It likely appeared in Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and German online shops.

Here is geometry and other specifications: https://www.bmc-switzerland.com/trackmachine-al.html. Try also to use the bike geometri calculator Bikegeo.net.

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