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I live in Portland Oregon and have raced about ten seasons of cyclocross in one of the sloppiest regions in the country. In my observation, most 'cross neophytes run SPDs because that is what they already have. Many graduate to either egg beaters or ATACs.

I (like many others) have multiple bikes and multiple shoes, so I am "heavily invested" in my choice. I run ATACs and have no regrets about my choice. I have seen many folks with broken CB egg beaters and I have seen several people switch even after they "heavily invested" in the Crank Brothers for multiple bikes and shoes. I have seen DNF and DNS due to egg beaters, but I have not personally seen failures with ATAC. I'm sure that they happen, but I have seen far more failures with CB.

the ATACs appear to be much more reliable than egg beaters, and shed mud just as well. SPD is reliable, but does not shed mud well, especially "rocky mud". All pedals deal with greasy mud, grassy mud, and peanut butter mud. Mashed potato mud and rocky mud are the most problematic, and where ATAC shines.
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