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Originally Posted by noglider View Post
I do have something I like a lot. Iíve tried all kinds of sound systems on the bike, and this latest one beats them all. Itís a collar bone speaker/headset. I feel like Iím more aware of the sounds on the road than is a car driver with the windows open. I can hear my audio and all the sounds I would normally hear without the headset. This is ideal for me.

I use it inside, too, now for listening to radio, podcasts, and phone calls. I wear it all day long from rising out of bed until I get in bed. It helps me as Iím starting to lose my hearing so I canít use my phone handset anymore.
The collar one uses the same idea as helmet speakers, just without the helmet . The bone conduction circumvents your ear canal and there are hearing aids using the bone conduction, helping those with problems in the middle and outer ears. Big vendors, such as Best Buy, may have demonstration headphones with bone conduction and maybe it is something you should check out.
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