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Originally Posted by work4bike View Post
I've been hit by vehicles five time (one of them was another cyclist). The four times I was hit by a car/SUV were at intersections, in each case the car was making a turn, except once where a car pulled out in front of me at a stop sign (I had the Right-of-Way with no stop sign).

I've learned to be very cautious at all intersections and on roadways with a lot of places for potential of a Right-hook. One thing I do is take the lane at all intersections where I can do the same speed as the vehicles, this includes when I stop at a light/sign or when I approach a light that has just turned green and all cars are just starting to go; I'll find a spot to take the lane and ride thru the intersection and then FRAP as the speed picks up.

Being highly visible to others and using a mirror is critical for these type roads. Your head must be on a swivel.

In the first 20-seconds of this video is a perfect example of where I would have taken the lane behind that limo.

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