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There is no non-dragy indoor "dumb" trainer that is like real life. They all drone like a boat motor with constant resistance that scales with speed. You don't ride a dumb trainer for sport or realism or because it is fun or enjoyable. The constant unyielding drone of effort & absence of real life coasting has it's benefits though in endurance & mitochondrial adaptions & sustained cardiovascular capacity.

That being said, I've had good luck with the Qubo Elite Travel Track fluid trainer. The bike clicks on & your body weight provides the right pressure to hold the wheel against the roller. Other similar trainers have a wingnut that presses the roller against the tire & these tend to require periodic adjustment & improper adjustment causes excessive wear.

Fluid trainers tend to be quieter than many other varieties & can usually be found fairly cheap on the usual craigslist/offerup type sites. If not for the game play aspect of Zwift, and structured control & realism of a smart trainer, I'd still be using mine. I've had put untold thousands of miles on mine, averaging 1-2 trainer tires per year right in my livingroom with various movies or YouTube videos like CTX or others to keep my mind busy.

I wouldn't worry about leaking being a thing. I suppose anything can fail, but I wouldn't consider it being a realistic possibility for a very, very long time. My roller is actually worndown about 50% material thickness & still trucking along just fine with not even so much as dust collection around the seal area that would indicate seepage/weepage.

You really, probably do want a dedicated trainer tire. Road rubber tires tend to be made of different rubber that will wear quickly.

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