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Originally Posted by alpharalpha View Post
Nothing extreme, just to stay in shape while indoors. My Trek Multitrack is the most comfortable so will use it; also has schwalbe marathon plus tire--smooth tread--do you think the trainer will wear that tire down? I don't need any extra features, main thing would be as close to actual riding; not a dragged feel etc. Also will be in my living room, I will put a mat down but nothing that might break and leak (I've read the fluid ones sometimes do?) Thanks!
This is where, for trainers, you get what you pay for. Most low-end on-wheel trainers will have more drag and less road feel. You almost have to shut your mind off on thinking this is like a road, and almost pretend it is some new-fangled resistance machine. Higher-up you go, the more road feel, including up to direct drive trainers. There are a few options:

(A) Ebay: there are some cheaper "dumb" direct-drive trainers. Elite and Lemond Evloution. Keep in mind, Lemond used a fan for resistance which is very loud. I would look for an Elite older model direct drive as an option for road feel, and will be cheaper or equivalent to mid-grade on-wheel trainer.
(B) Rollers: this is the old-school trainer. And it is the most road like there is, but to use it, you need to focus on balance and staying up-right. In addition, learning to get on and get going takes a little time. There are some rollers that have fork mounts in the front and rollers on the rear. It is around $500 after taxes (Feedback Sports Onmium) could be a good hybrid and the cost of a higher-end dumb "wheel-on trainer"). I might look into that if you just want to spin.
(C) Cheap On-Wheel Trainer: You can do this, but a lot of people will attest that 10 minutes into a poorly designed, drag laden trainer is like 20 hours on a bike. It is just a pain and a slog, and could end-up dissuading you from actually riding. Back in the day, these really were the tools for race warm-ups and winter training, where the motivation to maintain last season's fitness kept your a** in the saddle. It is why, for those just wanting indoor exercise, a cheap spin bike might be a more appropriate option.

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