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Originally Posted by alo View Post
I see a problem with the logic. When accidents occur between vehicles and bicycles, the vehicle is at fault.

There are so many different situations, it becomes impossible to discuss all possibilities. Let's consider an example.

Cyclists are out cycling on a country road. A vehicle goes around a corner or over a hill, and there is the cyclist. One second later, they hit the cyclist.

Drivers don't want to hit cyclists. There may be some cases of drink driving, or distracted driving, or even arrogant drivers, but in most cases the cyclist was completely unexpected by the driver.

You can say and do what you like with drivers, and you may get some reduction of these types of accidents. But to significantly reduce them, cyclists need to be aware of the dangers, and take precautions.

I know some cyclists are in situations where it is difficult to do things differently. Many others can.

How clever are you if you have on your tombstone, 'It was the driver's fault.'

Be aware, and take responsibility for your own safety.

To put it another way. There are drivers who may not see you. Do what you can to be safe in those situations.
I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here. Yes, of course the cyclist must take some responsibility for their own safety. I don't think the article in any way implied that this was not the case. You seem to be saying that true accidents exist - that there are circumstances where everyone does everything right, and someone still gets hurt. I would agree with this, and this is one of the things that "Vision Zero" and other similar safety initiatives would try to address, by analyzing accidents and putting in engineering controls or other safety measures to prevent the circumstances from occurring (for example, protected bike lanes, bike overpasses, etc.).

I hope you're not saying that we should just throw our hands up in the air and not do anything other than tell each other "Be Visible And Be Careful!!!"

I also hope that you aren't trying to say that drivers (and cyclists) always act in their best interests ("Drivers don't want to hit cyclists"). Of course they don't (other than the occasional psychopath or rager), but that doesn't mean that they do not act in ways that unnecessarily increase the risk to cyclists (going too fast to react when there are blind spots in the road, for example). Again, I don't think it's unreasonable to look at the situation with new eyes and try to come up with solutions to mitigate risk to some extent.

Please reconsider your use of the word "impossible". Yes, there is no one easy fix that will eliminate bike-car crashes. And any set of solutions will not be perfect and will not eliminate all such crashes. That isn't a reason to give up and not do anything, however.
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