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Originally Posted by kingston View Post
That sounds like a sweet setup. I asked because I was looking for cheap transportation for my daughter at university. I initially thought ebike but ended up going moped. I got the moped for $1200 + $150/year for plates and insurance. Sounds like if I would have been more resourceful I could have gone the ebike route for a lot less.
You didn't do that badly. She'll probably enjoy the moped as much as (if not more) than an ebike. Your license and insurance are a lot less than here (I think; haven't investigated). This what I built my daughter for her trips around Las Vegas. The motor and battery were about $750 delivered and the bike about $200 since it didn't have a front fork or wheel (which I already had). Wasn't expensive since I already had the motor and battery and they weren't being used anymore.

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