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Originally Posted by Paul Barnard View Post
From the link. “The truck came out of nowhere." Uh, no it didn't.
I can relate to that point of view.
I put considerable effort into riding defensibly, sensibly and predictably.
Yet, I have to make SOME assumptions based on probability and experience on what the other road users are about to do.
If I were to use the physical limits of what they - and their vehicles - COULD do, riding in traffic would be pretty much impossible.
And every now and then, some other road user does something so illegal, so pointless that it falls below my threshold of probability.
These may well appear as ”coming from nowhere” as, until reality proved me wrong, I simply didn’t consider it credible that someone would do what they just did.
Like the guy who tried to overtake AND turn right in the same intersection.
I was going straight through, so despite being a light-regulated intersection I’m watching for possible cross traffic and I’m keeping an eye on the pedestrian crossing at the other side. Watching out for someone looking to overtake and toss their car into my line of travel wasn’t something I had considered.
His move truly caught me by surprise. I could well have described that as ”coming from nowhere”.
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