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Originally Posted by work4bike View Post
I also get the same reaction, but not too bad, not too many people lay on their horns when I do it, but I do get a lot of strange looks. However, after a while of the motorist being behind me, I think they understand what I'm doing when they see me go back to FRAP'ing after the danger has passed.

There are other instances where I take the lane, to improve my visibility to other drivers. A fairly good example is in the below video, especially @5:15 of the video. This video is from NY, but their laws are very similar to mine here in Florida, but I'm totally in the dark with the laws in the Philippines.
Thanks, yeah, I definitely do that in 5:15 all the time. Laws are also similar in the Philippines but these laws are at its infancy atm. We didn't had bike lanes for instance in the Pre-Covid era.

I very often nearly collided with vehicles turning right who don't yield to cyclists, in fact, here, they will even try to pass me to make a full 90 degree right turn even if I'm going about 30 mph. Some almost skidding out of control, trying to make a sharp turn to the right after they pass me at more than 30 mph!

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