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Originally Posted by thook View Post
'cause yer a rebel??
also, there just wasn't much info on the difference between tapers.
I offer the 1976 Palo Alto catalog as evidence. In this page of bottom brackets, there is no mention of tapers, but there are indications that everything is compatible with everything.

Maybe the bike shops had better data?

My own experience with mixing and matching axle tapers is limited. About 20 years ago, I bought a nice Phil Wood BB to use with a Campy Record crankset. I had been using it with the matching Campy bottom bracket prior to this. Phil said it was compatible with the taper, so I trusted them. Well, the tapers didn't match, but were close. The crank yielded (i.e. deformed) a bit during the first 100 miles, allowing the crank bolts to loosen. I was lucky to catch it before the cranks were damaged. No problems since.

I had similar issue with a new SunXCD crank when used with a Specialized bottom bracket. Both are Japanese, so there shouldn't be an issue, but it had to go through the same process of the crank deforming a bit before everything was stable.

I've had much better luck with putting old and new Sugino cranks on Shimano cartridge bottom brackets. No problems there.

Steve in Peoria
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