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Originally Posted by bulgie View Post
Not what you asked for, but FYI in case you don't know, that Ital thread can be converted back to English with all-new steel threads. Pretty easy too, with this insert that Ceeway sells. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to "Art. 606"

It's threaded Ital on the OD and Eng (right and left) on the ID. You just thread it in. Silver it in place if you're already wrecking the paint, but I'm betting red loctite would work fine for a cold solution. Just make sure to let the loctite fully cure before putting the cup in. Chasing the Eng threads after the loctite cures might be needed. It might also work fine with neither braze not loctite, just tightening the cup (or lockring) to hold the thread insert in place. (I haven't tried.)

I have a set of them, and the machining is impressive I can't imagine how they were made. The right side (drive side) insert, with a right-hand Ital thread on the outside and a left-hand Eng thread on the inside, is especially cool. All in only approximately 1 mm of thickness in terms of the difference in thread pitch diameters. Eng is close to ~34.8 mm, and Ital is 36 mm, nominal thread sizes. (A quick measurement of the thickness, like with a caliper might look like somewhat more than the expected 1.2 mm, but you're measuring to the bottom of the thread on the ID and to the top of the thread on the OD. Still a pretty thin ring to be cutting threads on chapeau to whoever makes them.)

Mark B in Seattle
The closest the two threads should get is about .3mm, root to crest.

Make sure you have them in the correct sides first.
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