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TA is somewhat better finished than Stronglight. TA, Stronglight, Nervar were all made the same place and are completely interchangeable. Stronglight exists in several lengths that might work for a triple, you could try a few for cost of a TA. And have spares.

Is it good enough? Going back to the club ride 45 years ago it was March and the 6day season was over. John VandeVelde was home and doing the Sunday morning ride with us. I noticed his Wastyn had Stronglight cups under the Campy Pista cranks. I asked. He said they all worked well enough. If well installed any of them would last the season. But it could be hectic in the infield. A weakly installed BB could die in minutes. Killing a Campy BB hurt, even if someone else had paid for it. Stronglight was disposable. Just get it replaced and don’t think about it. Think about the race, not the kit. He said the Campy rep passed out S-L BBs.

If Stronglight is good enough for pro sixday it is good enough for anything.
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