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Stronglight A9 *steel* headsets - new

Through an procurement malfunction I have almost (because one came without a crown race, see below) four new Stronglight "A9 STEEL" headsets. The error is that they're BLACK dammit, I can't stand black.

Um, on bike parts, ok?

Just to be clear, they are NOT the nice needle-bearing A9 headset. They are a perfectly good steel balls-in-a-retainer headset, 26.4 crown race (but see below), 40mm stack height with the ~1.5mm spacer, right to the top of the rubber seal. You could probably use them on a 35-36 stack with side-pulls. And despite being made in Saint-Etienne they are threaded english.

Now, about that crown race. I ordered four, the packing was terrible, and one just did not have a crown race in the box. I complained about that (as well as the colour issue), they (said they would) are sending a replacement.

Which is also black, they never had any silver, sorry sir, website update issue.

25USD each and I'll pay postage in NA; 20 each for two or more.

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