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Canít seem to get the proper brackets T1466 anywhere Iíd rather have proper brackets but Iíll work with what I have until a set turn up

Originally Posted by K5_489 View Post
I did! Ended up going with the "extension plate" idea, effectively just moving the roller assembly up a few inches. This way I can easily unbolt and remove the extension, and bolt the roller assembly back into the factory location. Slightly over engineered..I really didn't need to make the plates that large, or use so many bolts, but it was just scrap parts from another project that I reused for a quick solution.

The forum won't let me attach photos due to low post count though, and apparently I can't pm either or post urls, lol. Well...darn..

But yeah... Just cut the cross tube the roller was mounted to, shortened about an inch to accommodate extra plate steel, then welded a plate to the cut ends so the cross tube could be mounted a few inches higher.
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