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looks like the drive side of that axle is missing a lock nut. hard to tell.

if the hub OLD and the spacing don't match up, smashing the dropouts together will put some stress on the frame (cold setting can work) and the axle will "want" to move in the frame no matter how hard you tighten those axle nuts. here's what you need to do to make it fit and prevent the axle from slipping in the frame:

1. remove the wheel put a clamp on the dropouts, squeezing them together gently. measure the distance between the dropouts (track ends) when they are parallel. you want the axle OLD to be the same as the space between the dropouts when they are parallel to prevent the hub from twisting in the slots. most likely, the spacing will be 110mm (bmx/ coaster brake), 120mm (track), 126 (old road standard) or 130 (conventional road standard). I'm not familiar with that bike, so you'll have to measure.

2. if the dropout spacing when parallel is not within ~2mm of the hub OLD, you'll want to add some spacers to the axle to make it match. I recommend removing the lock nut from each side, one at a time, and add a spacer inside the lock nut, then reinstall.

my guess is that it's a 120mm frame and a 110mm hub, so a 5mm spacer on each side will make it wide enough.

I'm still stuck on the drive side cone nut that looks like there's no lock nut.
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