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Originally Posted by AaronDi View Post
You're the man. That is indeed the one. Thank you! Even knowing what it is, googling a combination of Puch/Free Spirit/ Bergmeister the images are all over the place. I never would have figured this out on my own. Has the same hook drop down from the top tube but only on one side. Any idea what those were for?

I'll post pictures here as soon as I've gotten 10 posts in. Need to change the tires and tubes and clean up all of the moving parts, rewrap the bars etc... We're supposed to have a snow storm here Sunday but maybe I'll try and take it for a ride next week.

Thanks again ya'll.
Those hooks are pump pegs. Do an image search for Pump pegs and you will see they come in many flavors, both braze on and clamp on. Keep replying so you can post pics, but FYI if any mention of valuations and this thread will get moved pretty quickly to the Appraisal thread NTTAWWT.
I'd be hot after some of that vinyl as well, but I haven't had a turntable in many years
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